Graphi-Q: Six DSP Products in One

The Graphi-Q combines six indispensable audio products into one very affordable, all-digital package — with an easy-to-use hands-on interface! With the touch of a fader you can shape your frequency response using the Graphi-Q's 31-band digital graphic EQ. Need more control? Use the parametric EQ to control your filter width, depth and frequency. Time align your speakers with the digital delay. Manage your system gain with the Graphi-Q digital compressor/limiter. Finally, add 3 to 9 dB extra gain and automatic feedback control with Sabine's patented FBX technology.

Configurations. The Graphi-Q gives you instant hands-on, front panel control for every function, or you can choose the blank front panel versions for the ultimate in system security and economy.  RS-232 remote computer control, over 70 onboard program memories and remote switching via contact closures are standard in all Graphi-Qs (slave or full front panel). No other professional audio device gives you this level of control and this superb quality at a price this low.

How do we do it?  Our 24-bit A/D and D/A give the cleanest audio possible, and Analog Devices' new 32-bit floating-point SHARC digital processor powers every Graphi-Q, allowing simultaneous use of these essential functions:

Simultaneous Functions – Independent Control

The GRQ-3101 and GRQ-3102 provide hands-on, "analog style" front panel control for every function, yet every function is all digital.  When you grab one of the smooth EQ faders on the Graphi-Q, you are controlling a digital equalizer, so you can be sure that every filter is precisely shaped with minimal phase shifting, no drifting, and extremely low noise and distortion.

The Graphi-Q digital delay provides precise speaker alignment, with 20-microsecond resolution, at the touch of a button. And you get dedicated bypass switches for FBX, EQ and Delay with built-in LED indicators.

Sabine's Graphi-Q Remote Control Software gives you instant access to all front panel controls and to an additional layer of functions. You can view and edit frequency response curves, view edits before executing them, and take advantage of unlimited Graphi-Q file storage.  


Only From Sabine

Patented FBX Feedback Exterminator™: Industry standard automatic feedback control; works in setup and during the program. Super-accurate algorithm places filters on feedback, not on music.
Patented ClipGuard™ Adaptive Clip Level Control: Accepts inputs up to 26 dBV, prevents digital clipping, & extends Signal to Noise ratio to >105 dB.
GRAPHI-Q Remote Control Software for Windows: Control up to 8 GRAPHI-Qs via computer. Includes serial port and software for remote control, and remote switching connections for selecting user-defined presets. You can download the latest release of GRAPHI-Q Remote Control Software and/or the Upgrade Wizard for flashing your GRAPHI-Q with the latest release of GRAPHI-Q Firmware.
FREE Firmware Upgrades: Graphi-Q firmware can be updated without losing any of your presets! And it's FREE!

More Important Graphi-Q Features

Graphi-Q Remote Control software includes a BYPASS and RESET matrix to manage the status of every Graphi-Q function all in one window.  Make fine adjustments to other Graphi-Q functions, including graphic EQ filter widths, from ½ octave to one full octave; manual or automatic clip level control; or attack, release, and knee on the compressor.  We'll even show you a line graph of your gain structure, graphically displaying the thresholds and ratios.

The single-channel Graphi-Qs have two outputs for maximum system flexibility.  Graphi-Q Remote allows you to independently choose which functions are active in each of the two outputs, and to set delays independently for each output. For example, you can delay channel one 50ms and channel two 800ms, and choose which of the other processing you want on either or both channels: the FBX, the compressor/limiter, or the equalizers

Graphi-Q Software

Using your computer as a platform gives you unlimited memory storage of Graphi-Q files.  Each file holds up to 70 presets, and you can transfer these settings to the on-board memory locations within each Graphi-Q. You can also access the first seven Graphi-Q memory locations via the back-panel Euro-block remote switching connectors.  Using a simple contact closure switch, you can offer scene change options to users who have no other access to any Graphi-Q controls.



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